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We have to be physically distanced right now,
but we don't have to be socially apart

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Be virtually together - vTogether

Why vTogether?
We create bespoke virtual spaces - little pieces of the metaverse - for you to meet up with friends, family and coworkers online when you can't be physically together

There are plenty of other ways to do this of course, zoom, skype, teams, meet etc.

But whilst they're great tools for an audience listening to a presentation, trying to have any kind of interactive networking or conversation in multiple groups on a regular video conferencing call is just a ridiculously frustrating experience

What is vTogether?
We're bringing back the casual chat that leads to an unexpected conversation, a brilliant new connection or the pivotal snippet of learning that leads to something really special, or just chatting with your friends or family for fun

We're focused primarily on an entry point into the Metaverse (Web 3.0, the spatial internet) called topia which is super easy to access using just a regular web browser, you don't even need to download anything

We have four primary use cases:
- networking: walk around a space and meet and chat with people
- collaborative working: syndicated groups with integrated tools
- virtual exhibitions: move freely to talk with sales reps and other delegates
- pure entertainment: immersive and interactive live events

How does vTogether work?
It's really hard to explain, but almost instantly understood when you experience it. This demo video may help a bit, but come on in and meet us and we'll show you around the Swiss Alps, a Mediterranean Beach and the centre of London just for starters

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We offer a variety of different options (with endless possibilities...)

Spatial chat

We're primarily focused on creating bespoke fully interactive virtual spaces - you just need a web browser, there's not even anything to download

Immersive VR

We also build bespoke worlds in Altspace which can be visited in fully immersive VR through Oculus headsets, or in 2D on your desktop - on both PCs and Macs


We include live support and can provide hosts for your virtual space to help out with directions, drive the conversation or entertain


Pretty much any digital media can be loaded or streamed directly into our virtual spaces - hey, it's VR, the limits are way past the edges of your imagination!

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