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Come meet the jellyfish...

A Jellyfish Love Song

This performance, as part of Keepsake (Rural Arts) was inspired as the third iteration of Ella Mesma’s Getting Better Box series.

When Ella was ill as a child, her Mum would to bring out ‘The Getting Better Box’… essentially it was a cardboard box with some toys inside… it didn’t make her better, but as a child, it was a magical thing to open that box only when ill and behold the goodies inside… sometimes Ella even tried to fake sickness just for the box…

This was the inspiration for her creating an experience inspired by play and creativity. Bring a drink and a snack, and if you would like to, dress up as your jellyfish:

Choose from 5 Jellyfish:
- Upside Down Jelly Fish
- Fried Egg Jellyfish
- Medusa Jellyfish
- Cauliflower Jellyfish
- Bloodbelly Comb Jellyfish

If you feel inspired, dress up with your Jellyfish in mind, and when you enter the site, rename yourself incorporating your Jellyfish self.We look forward to meeting your Jellyfish alter ego!

In this online adventure you will meet live artists, find hidden answers, discover opportunities to connect and move, and experience an online show. You will be met by your hosts in a utopian world for a fully remote experience that you can access from the comfort of your own home. Join in as much or as little as you like, but one voice will be your tour guide, and call you back to let you know about scheduled moments within the show.

There will also be a quiz, send your quiz question answers over to the chief inside the world on the day of the show (and watch out for the bonus question at the end of the evening), with three top prizes to be won!

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